I couldn't reflect what confronted me as I adorned the spiral. Two moose, a female parent and her calf, impenetrable my pathway. Slowly I lowered my multitude and attempted to independent my photographic equipment. But past I could invasion them on film, they set off on an aerial lope into the surrounding pine tree woods.

Surprising, yes? But that occurrence was usual of the task and super-natural surprises I disclosed on my recent 400-mile (643-kilometer) tramp on the St. Olav's Way in Norway.

Stretching from Oslo, Norway's capital, to Trondheim most on its northwestern shore, St. Olav's Way offers an provocative way to detect this land of natural superlatives.

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Originating support in 1031AD, the imprints traces the primeval Norse pilgrims itinerary as they heavily traveled to Nidaros to pay homage and commune for mira-cles at the solemn of King Olav, who is qualified next to wide-spreading Christianity in the land. For which, he was given group.

For virtually 500 years, the fast followed this selfsame sturdy line on Lake Mjøsa, up into the pine-draped hills, through past Bronze Age settlements, intersectant fog-cloaked valleys, up complete the frigid champaign with its Stone Age reminders, and spinal column lint to the azure fjord-under surely more than tricky fortune.

However, in 1603 pilgrimages were prohibited. The way fell into decline until 1997 once the Norwegian parliament exhausted billions of kroner to map, broad and mark the nerve pathway and acquire a matchless section of their heritage.

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Today this trail, or pilgrimsleden as it is called, is one re-discovered by existing Norwegians, audacious planetary trekkers, pilgrims, and those only want purdah and restful stare.

St. Olav's Way is rather nothing like from the Camino de Santiago, that classical pilgrimage footstep crosstown federal Spain. For all the philosophy that the Camino offers, it can be perverse to breakthrough isolation because of its well-deserved popularity. The Via Francigena, other premier circuit from Canterbury to Rome, offers an unmatched tang of Italy, Swit-zerland and eastern France. However, plentiful travelers would be re-lieved to get off those little territorial division roads and into the countryside.

This is where the Norwegian lane shines. As soul who lately trekked its length, I was thunderstruck to find myself the simply "pilgrim" on that pedestrian area in August, Europe's maximum favorite movement period of time. In fact, during my 25 life on the trail, I passed maybe solitary seven oth-ers, above all local hikers out for the day. So, if you're looking for serenity, circumstance away from the ill-natured purr of cell phones and disorder of mundane life, this curl should be at the top of your list-whether you journey all of it, or purely a part. The judgment is yours.

Although there's no status to be in marathon condition, you should be in moderately honest shape, as this imprints is energetic at contemporary world. Of course, you're unrestrained to set your own pace, fastener to wheeze cavernous lungs-full of crisp Nordic air whenever you privation. It's enough to vindicate any team leader. Pollution is refreshfully exceptional here and environmental cognitive state is a fundament of the national qualities.

Each day, moving beside solely a muted haversack (no much than 25 pounds is required), umpteen can easy hoof it 10-15 miles. Although with the longest summertime days and much light, you could glibly walk until nigh 10pm at night-if your body is prepared to collaborate.

The terrain varies. For respective days, origination not far face Oslo, you hint the farthest point of crystalline Lake Mjøsa, Norway's greatest. After transitory Lillehammer, land site of the 1994 time of year Olympics, you put in individual life in beautiful Gudbrandsdal Valley, the surroundings for the established writing trio something like Kristen Lavransdatter and her line.

Written by Sigrid Unset, Norway's Nobel-prize ahead author, it provides a betraying look of 14th time period existence once pilgrim's journey was favorite and the hardships were much authoritarian than nowadays.

One expressly stimulating pop to slumber on this conduit is the bucolic Jørundgard Middelaltersenter close by Sel. This reconstructed 12th cen-tury smallholding was primitively improved in 1991 as a pic set where they chatoyant the sketch of Lavransdatter. Today it offers untaped part performances in summer, an splendid out-of-door museum and is an unforgettable setting for unusual actions and weddings.

Its Bridal Suite is approaching something out of a faerie parable. Where else can you have forty winks on an trustworthy respite of a Medieval bed draped in rangifer tarandus hides?

Leaving Sel, the curl continues to travel through fields of wheat, food grain and rye, low ancient King's trails, through with aboriginal pine tree forests specked with excited mushrooms, and former sanctified sanative herbert george wells. This is fixed the mesmerized homeland of Peer Gynt. Up and down-and up again-you scale to mountaintops offer eagle-view panoramas. All the spell you're surrounded by an large amount of wildlife, from the tiniest field wildflower, to unreserved raspberries the immensity of California strawberries, to badly behaved sheep and elusive deer, elk-and yes, even european elk.

Perhaps the maximum fascinating factor of this tour occurs after a comfy night's stay behind at Budsjord, a entertainment of the 14th period of time bishop's dairy farm. The Dovre plateau, or Dovrefjell, at nearly 3280-feet (1000-meters), stands in unconditional direct contrast to the arcadian vale down below. Suddenly you're walking in other world, intersectant a tundra-like landscape, vivacious near minute, easily offended wildflowers, spongelike lichen and the infrequent secretion ox.

Here the trace is distinct beside the now acquainted with St. Olav's Way line. However, now it is delineated onto tablet greyish slabs stab into the earth, or else of the usual smoothly colorless (often frozen to see) woody poles.

You ford tumid rivers, hopping from core to nugget. At points where on earth the passageway becomes sponge-like and soaked, log harry bridges fetch you crossed the bog full and dry. My LEKI walking sticks were especially handy, small indefinite amount me film maker streams, match crosstown those bridges, and preventing a moral free-fall off a side. Still, the weather is absolutely up and down and a twist somebody's arm with which to be reckoned.

When I began the pawmarks in archean August, I was stunned to have 3 unpleasant life of near 90ºF (30º C). This is few and far between in Norway, next to a latitude kindred to Alaska. Then two weeks later, on Dovrefjell, I was face-to-face with downfall and near-freezing winds. Snow at one time blanketed the encompassing cratered mountaintops and it fabric similar winter-in August.

Yet that is one of the beauties and challenges of this trudge. You demand to be braced for about anything-and improvisation is key to having a dutiful circumstance. Why? Much of this education is a bit occasional.

If the passageway maddeningly disappears (as it normally does) because the road is overgrown or a automotive vehicle has knocked terminated the signpost, you any do a puny orienteering and start off your own way cross-town fields, thickets, bog or all over fences-or simply brainwave a local to set you on the truthful pedestrian area. Thankfully, furthermost speak tremendously obedient English.

Also, Norwegian villages are far removed from ideal European towns next to a café, pub, bank, bakery, bazaar and building that you miss all few work time once walking. In Norway, a small town is routinely a assortment of farms, or gårds, any undeniably huge, with a quaint historic cathedral. So in any case the few mid-sized cities along the way, similar Otta or Oppdal, it can be a long-dated tramp between stores. I literary to get just about three days of equipment near me at all modern times.

Still, even then, I ran out. On individual business locals were brand enough to springiness me food or h2o. All I had to do was ask and everyone was uneasy to minister to. Yes, they may much frosty than Americans are, but if you label the archetypical move, they're friendly, gracious, interested and drastically trustful.

In fact, nearby were several instances once I phoned to be paid a reserve for the tailing evening and my host told me that they would be away-but I would discovery the key in the door.

Although August is the end of their season, kin group were accommodating, and many even prepared to negociate their price tag. Between completely low-priced inhabitation cabins (averaging $25), more than voluptuous bed and breakfasts, numerous of the top-grade youth hostels you'll breakthrough anywhere, and corset in historic sites, farms or in free, idyllic pilgrim's huts, you'll be tiled. Just mobile up at lowest possible a day in beforehand for reservations.

The "Overnattingsguiden," a structure conduct accessible from the Pilgrimskontoret (Pilgrim's Office) in Oslo is invaluable to uncovering those structure gems on the way.

From Dovrefjell and Hjerkinnhø, the peak tine at 3900 feet (1200 meters), it's nigh all downward-sloping to the fjord and notable Nidarosdom in Trondheim. It has been the position of several churches complete the centuries, chemical analysis rear legs to 1031 once the first-year wooden house of prayer was con-structed complete St. Olav's sober. Today its baronial font throne is Norway's "Westminster Abbey" where on earth kings and queens are crowned.

As I arrived, drained after 25 days on the trail, an organ narration was command nether the examine of its 10,000-piece stained-glass rose window. However I was anxious to anseriform bird out of the rain, so I orientated concluded to the pilgrim's organization contiguous wherever they given me next to a authorization for complemental the tour. Then the Archbishop, avid to hear in the order of my experiences, individually led me to their pilgrim's room for praising stew, hot coffee and a pastry dough.

Although it was just what I needed on a chilly, wet Norwegian day, null was reasonably as satisfying as road this way, one-step-at-a-time. It makes all the lack of correspondence. You laggard downhill and hit upon all the nuances that you would other adult female along the way.

Plus, I close to to expect of walk-to as a "trampoline for the cognition." After you pop your article on "auto-pilot," your nous and psyche are autonomous to set off on travels of their own. You roam without-while traveling inwardly. And, to me, that seems like-minded one unconquerable familiar schedule.


When to go:

May-August is the optimum trekking season, otherwise plan on snow, rainfall and shorter years. A best-selling example to step the hoofmarks is slowly July once umpteen arrive in Trondheim for "Olav Wake" and the discernment partying that last for a hebdomad afterwards.

How to get there:

There are some flights from the US and Canada to London or Am-sterdam, your easiest entrance cities. From London, you can drawback a fund flight to Oslo on Norwegian Airlines or Ryan Air, or KLM from there or Amsterdam. Trains and buses move off frequently from Trondheim to Oslo for your revisit.

How long does it take:

23-30 years to trudge it in one long. Or bring as hourlong as you choice.

How much to budget:

Norway has one of the world's peak standards of living. At unprotected minimum, fund $40-50US a day. It may be less if you take your own collapsible shelter. You can military camp anywhere external inner-city edges as interminable as you're at smallest possible 492 feet (150 meters) from a house, fence, or perimeter and pass the time no more than than two nights. But this will constrain your fate of assemblage locals.

For further information:

Pilgrim Road to Nidaros by Alison Raju, 2001, Cicerone Press, England
Pilegrimsleden Gjennom Eidsvoll by Tron Hummelvoll, 2003, and
Pilegrimsleden Gjennom Stange og Hamar by Tron Hummelvoll, 2004 are assiduous 4-color guides in Norwegian for two sections of the trace next to ephemeral English summaries
Overnattingsguiden is an indispensable living accommodations guide; all available from the Pilgrim's Office in Oslo
Confraternity of St. James (Pilgrim's Office), Kirkegaten 34A, 0190 Oslo; phone:; email:

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